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Your Wedding will probably be the largest single thing you ever do. If you have the time, you should set aside at least 6 months preparation time, all of which you will need

It is Your Day. It should be as special as you want it to be!

In less religious times, the traditional (church]) wedding does not appeal to some couples. The only other option for a ‘legal’ wedding is to go to a Registry Office where you are limited to time and what you can say or do.

Under English law as it stands, the wedding Ceremony that we will create together, does not have legal status. However it has the great advantages that you are not limited to time of day, length of Ceremony or have to be indoors.

Couples often have a brief Ceremony at The Registry Office before I conduct their Wedding Ceremony.

Typically a Ceremony takes up to 45 minutes. For many couples the ideal place is in a family or friend’s garden. Given our climate, a ‘Plan B’ is always a good idea.

We create your wedding together. It will say why you are committing to a life together and the hopes and expectations you share for their future

We begin with a long chat. This can take 2 hours. It also enables you to confirm that it will be agreeable to work together! Usually in person, but especially for couples who are not local or live abroad but want a wedding in the UK or Europe l, I happily skype or use the phone.

Then after you have decided to use me, we have a second conversation when I take your detailed instructions. I then start writing. If you want readings I have a ‘Library’ that I am happy to share

You should also expect a number of additional meetings. I will expect to produce further drafts.

I always plan to complete the ceremony a month before Your Day which means that you can then focus on the other 1001 things that will clamour for your attention in the last month when time seems to speed up !

It is also when you pay me any outstanding amounts

I strongly recommend a rehearsal the day before which typically involves all those with a role in the Ceremony. On the day, I arrive an hour before the start so that everything is in place

Afterwards, if you want me to appear in photographs I am happy to do so.

Otherwise I then make a discreet exit and leave you to enjoy your party !



Image above taken at Wadhurst Castle, Sept 2018