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With Government-mandated controls on ceremonies now being lifted, Namings are again possible and enquiries have already resumed.

Personally, I prefer meeting baby parents (and preferably the namee themselves!) in person, but I am also happy to meet via Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype, and if you would like, for the naming to be Web Cammed.

Namings, like Weddings, were banned for 2 years. One result has been an agreeably large rise in the demand for double Namings which will not doubt prove to be double the Fun!

I look forward to hearing from you.


Having a child (or children) is a life changing event – for parents and child alike!

The first few months can be a challenge but having survived them your child’s Naming Ceremony is a wonderful way to announce their arrival to the world.

If you have time, try to have 3 months preparation time

If your child is fortunate enough to have Grandparents or Great Grandparents, involving them in the Naming Ceremony is a graceful way to bring families together, celebrate the arrival of a new generation and re-affirm the enduring importance and durability of family.

Namings come in all shapes and sizes. Often held in a family garden and at Sunday lunch or tea time. The presence potentially of multiple little children affects what you do and how long the naming can last – they rarely exceed 30 minutes!

You can welcome your child, say something about just how much your life has changed, your intentions as a parent, why you chose their names, what you want from the significant adults who often play such an important part in their lives.

(Some parents use ‘Godparents’ because most people know what it means which is just fine. What is important is what they will do. In the recent past I have used – happily – God Parents, Good Parents, Guard Parents, Mentors, Supporting Adults, Sponsors, Special Friends, Chosen Aunt/ Uncle, Guardians and even ‘Odd Parents’, my particular favourite.)

I like to involve family and friends as much as possible. I help tailor them to how comfortable they (and the parents) feel about talking in public. Sometimes they prefer just to answer questions which is just fine

If you want some readings I have a ‘Library’ that I am happy to share.

I often end with a formal naming in which everybody takes part followed by a ‘Blessing’ and a toast to your child’s health and yours as well!