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As life has returned to something like ‘normal’ post Covid, what has remained essential, I believe, is our commitment to create sensitive, thoughtful, meaningful Celebrations of the life that has ended for you, families and friends.

The use of Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype continues especially for families scattered country-wide. Webcams in crematoria have become a permanent feature, increasing the number of people who can Celebrate the Life, in the UK and overseas.

These days most funerals take place at a Crematorium, to a very tight time frame -rarely more than 10 days from start to finish- and limited, by the Crematorium, to around 30 minutes

All our lives will end at some point. At a time of great sadness a sensitive thoughtful funeral can help to begin your healing and grieving

If it will help you, I am always happy for you to make an initial contact before you contact your Funeral Director. It can help set your mind at rest and confirm my availability as you wrestle with so many things at once

I like to involve family and friends as much as possible. Their contributions can be so valuable. I can help with the choice of music, poetry and prose. I have a ‘Library’ that I am happy to share.

Once the date, time and place of the Funeral has been confirmed, at a time that ‘works’ for you, I meet with you so I can understand what you want within the time constraints.

If the Crematorium offers it, you can have a slide show or the Funeral on web cam.

We Celebrate the life that has been, the qualities that made the person special to friends and family and reflect on the impact on the lives of those who knew the deceased.

This is built around talking about the person, recalling memories, music and poetry that have been important before, during and after the life that has ended.

After the Funeral, once all contributions are received I give you copies as a written record of how together we Celebrated this person’s life. For many families it becomes a very precious memory.

Locally I work closely with my female colleague, Croianna Bradshaw (see link below).